"1000 words to describe who you are"

There are few movies that constantly catch my attention, even fewer that I can sit and watch from beginning to end over and over. Got homework? Yea, but The Breakfast Club is on, and I’ve only seen it about a million times.

It never fails to make me think, which I find is part of the charm. The adolescent struggle, often forgetting that high school is only a four year blip of your life. The cliche groups, with the stereotypes that follow. But this time around, the essay they are assigned to write, got me thinking… how would I describe myself in 1000 words? 

Where would I even begin? How would I even begin?

Let’s get cliche up in this bitch, and start with I’m 22 years old, and live in Florida. But, that doesn’t really define me. 

I am Christina, and I am lost. Unable to define myself, in any capacity of words.

But, unlike the Breakfast Club, there is no epic ending.


such a good movie

such a good movie

the awkward moment when someone at einstein bagels is creeping over your shoulder…

i wish i could just bake things all day. i hate my job.

i want my hair this color.

i want my hair this color.

I’m going to say something revolutionary: You are not your age, your weight, your hair, your skin or your clothes. You are not your favorite magazine’s opinion of you, you’re not what your ex-boyfriend thought of you or what your current boyfriend thinks you should be. You aren’t any of that. It’s that simple. Really. Who are you? Well that’s for you to decide.